Friday, February 5, 2010

AdAstra News from Bridgett and Barry!

We just wanted to let everyone know, that after four years, Ad Astra’s rates will be going up on the 1st March 2010, however this will only effect bookings for Nov and Dec 2010 and the whole of 2011. In other words this March the winter 2010 and 2011 season are increasing. The increase is a $1000 all round.

Any bookings done prior to March of this year, for next year will be at the current rates. We will be chartering in the Grenadines next year ( April to July 2011.). We are very excited about this and will be adding a section to our website shortly ( this is being done as we speak). And once again we are still looking at going to the Med for the 2012, which confirms that Barry and I aren’t going anywhere just yet- he he!!

This will be our third year on Ad Astra. We are very fond and proud of how far the yacht has come and will continue to strive to do better as crew and with the owners helps keep Ad Astra looking fresh and Fab!!

Take care and thanks again!

Bridget and Barry J